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Victory Real Estate Group is a full-service real estate company working in different operating modes: retail, build-to-suit, urban, medical office, construction, entertainment, and property management. The firm specializes in developing multipurpose projects built for hotels, retail centers, national credit build-to-suit, quick service restaurants, office buildings, daycare centers and ground leases. Victory Real Estate Group is now currently engaged in different kinds of relationships with some of the most recognizable brands and companies in the USA. It also provides general construction services for the company’s in-house developments, joint ventures and client projects. Victory Real Estate Group is worthy of notice for bringing its own equity to its deals. The company holds properties long-term, as an aspect of long-lasting business relationships. Victory Real Estate Group is part of the Ramji Group, which holds a portfolio of private-sector equity and a non-profit organization. Its investments are concentrated in different sectors, including real estate, restaurants, hospitality, retail, education, and technology. Its holdings are significant in scale and follow the founders’ vision of developing strong relationships with the communities served by the Group. Yet, since success is not a goal, but a path towards the limitless skies.  Victory Real Estate Group continues to invest actively in other ventures, growing the group’s portfolio of investments in different industries.


With more than two decades of experience successfully building companies from the ground up, Tony co-founded VRED

Victory Development is a real estate development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with a focus on the development of Build to Suit properties. We have worked with various companies and industries helping them through their site selection and store opening.




As VRED’ fearless leader, Tony sets the bar high and has curated a team of hand-picked experts to join our team.