Tony Ramji

Founder & CEO


On the surface, the story of Tony Ramji is that of a successful entrepreneur and investor. In actuality, the story goes far deeper than that. Despite the trials and tribulations of his humble beginnings, Tony found success. It was with an open mind that he was able to identify an opportunity where others saw nothing. From a young age, he focused on identifying the needs and wishes of the community. While doing so, he unknowingly found his way into the world of entrepreneurship. Tony was not focused on the label itself, but instead on the people and the relationships he built along the way. As he grew, so did his business acumen, resulting in his first laundromat operation. This was a pivotal step in his journey as he was now an established entrepreneur in the community. Tony became a job creator, growing sustainable economic prosperity. A responsibility he does not take lightly, it manifests in his value-centered and ethical leadership style. It is through this journey that he has developed the core principles of integrity, experience, and vision. These principles represent the company culture that he instills in all of his ventures. With a solid foundation of integrity in relationships, quality experience for all, and a vision for the future, Tony found a way to achieve success and growth. He perfected a scalable and replicable model that he would launch as a retail concept in Dallas. Tony cultivated and successfully led his team to expand this model to more than 120 locations across the eastern region of the United States. This solidified his place as a staple in the community that understood not only the current needs but a clear vision of the future. Today, Tony serves as the Founder, CEO, and President of Victory Real Estate Group. He leads through the same open-minded and principled approach that has brought success in his past ventures. Victory Group has become one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing commercial real estate firms specializing in the development and management of commercial properties, both domestically and internationally. Tony evangelizes the power of a great team and community. Hiring industry experts committed to a shared vision is the foundation of the company’s success. Arguably even more important was his focus on welcoming individuals to the team who bought into the principle culture which drives the company. As the embodiment of passion, his steady encouragement fosters outside-the-box thinking, just as he inspires to become the best at whatever his team sets out to be. These values are the primary driving factors in Victory’s evolution from a small real estate company to a multi-faceted, full-service real estate firm in sectors including development, construction, investments, brokerage services, and property management. Victory has developed domestic and international retail, mixed-use, hospitality, medical office, and multi-family projects totaling approximately $500 million in value. Throughout his distinguished career, Tony has received many awards and accolades for his business success and public service. The one of which he is most proud, his 2018 nomination of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. EY annually recognizes the endeavors of exceptional men and women who create the products and services that keep our worldwide economy moving forward. An elite group of the most successful entrepreneurs and peers in the Southwest region were represented. The nomination was accredited to Tony’s proven track record of success, forward-thinking business approach, and commitment to the community. Tony’s unparalleled entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the business have won him the recognition of the community he has served so effectively. As word spread of Tony’s success, he was asked to represent notable clients in international business development opportunities. Prestigious financial epicenters such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and London are among the many locations he has lent his talents. His experiences would lead him to active membership in many prestigious organizations including Tiger 21, an elite group of peer-to-peer high net worth investors. “Opportunity is something merely overlooked by someone else:” this open-minded approach, he believes, is required to find success in business and life. He embodies these words in everything he encounters. Delivering public service and outreach to those who need it most has been a basic philosophy for Tony and his family. As residents of Dallas, Texas, they enjoy contributing to many charitable causes and giving back to the community that has given them so much. Through the decades, Tony’s impact has transcended that of the business alone. He lives a passion for life evident in how his time is spent. Tony devotes a considerable amount of time mentoring at-risk youth, encouraging them to set and achieve their goals no matter their circumstances. Guiding them on a positive path, despite life’s many challenges, is something that Tony knows all too well. Through the growth of his financial ventures, many lives were transformed. Through opportunity, Tony and his collective team worked diligently to not only set up job growth but also toward sustainable community growth. Appointed as a board member of the Dallas Golden Investment Club (DGIC), a non-profit investor association, the opportunity was given. Tony, who serves as the organization’s president states, “We believe in doing well financially by coming together transparently and ethically to make a sustainable difference in member’s investment outcome.” Tony Ramji is a serial entrepreneur, leading real estate broker, philanthropist, and CEO of a premier Texas-based brokerage and investment firm. With all of this success, some may ask what is next for a man of Tony’s stature. Simply put, it is the evolution of his vision for the future. The worlds of real estate, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship can all be augmented with innovative technology. Through a world of simple yet far-reaching technology, he realized there is an opportunity to evolve his vision of the future. This open and evolutionary mindset allows him to remain forward-thinking through automation, data, and technology. At the core of it all, it’s about the people. Every business opportunity is an opportunity for a relationship, one in which everyone can win. Through this rational, Tony has become a figure in the real estate community as well as a public figure through his charitable endeavors. In the spirit of his journey, Tony feels strongly about building and teaching others. This is done by being honest and real, living by core principles, and treating others in a way that inspires and elevates them to their best selves. At the end of the day, Tony Ramji is not simply an entrepreneur, he is a guardian of his community, focused on the growth and well being through the influence of strong character and values. The future is bright for Victory Real Estate Group and the communities in which they serve through the strong leadership and selfless nature of its leader, Mr. Tony Ramji.