Tony Ramji

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tony Ramji found greatness and success by serving others, but the story behind Tony Ramji goes beyond that. Despite the trials and tribulations of his humble beginnings, Tony  was able to overcome all challenges and become an authentic inspirational leader.  From a very young age he was focused on discipline, ethics and harvesting creativity. The future is bright for Victory Real Estate Group and the communities in which they serve through the strong leadership and selfless nature of its leader, Mr. Tony Ramji.

Today Tony serves as a the Founder,CEO, and President of Victory Real Estate Group. Victory Group has become one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing commercial real estate firms, specializing in the development and management of commercial properties, both domestic and international. Tony evangelizes the power of a great team and community.

Throughout his distinguished career, Tony has received many awards and accolades for his business success and public service. The one of which he is most proud, is his’ 2018 nomination for Ernst &Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Tony has become a public figure  through his charitable endeavors. In the spirit of his journey, Tony feels strongly about building and teaching others by devoting a considerable amount of time mentoring at-risk youth, encouraging them to set and achieve their goals no matter their circumstances. At the end of the day, Tony Ramji is not simply an entrepreneur, he is a guardian of his community. The North Texas Food bank occupies a special place in Tony's heart. With more than 100,000 meals provided under Tony's leadership, the partnership between Tarrant Food Bank and Victory is set to be a long term one.